“She guided me to see myself and
the things around me from a different angle
and notice all the things I was missing.”

“I’ve always had a problem talking about my feelings, opening up, admitting to myself and to the people around me, that I too suffer, am sometimes weak, and need a shoulder to cry on. For a very long time I pictured myself as damaged. I had no space for happiness and felt like the whole world was against me. Carrying all that alone deep within, I managed to make myself physically sick and almost ended up in a wheelchair. That’s when I started seeing Mais – I like to call her my shrink. Mais helped me understand, accept and love myself for who I am. She guided me to see myself and the things around me from a different angle and notice all the things I was missing. I had been holding a grudge, angry and afraid for so very long. Working with Mais has made me stronger, I feel better and most importantly, I love myself again! Thank you Mais!”

– S. I.

“The journey to discovering my own strengths was fulfilling and empowering. Mais asks me right questions that lead me to uncover my strength and overcome my weaknesses with ease. She has helped me understand the value of using my strength properly. She listens carefully and always give me helpful insights, ideas and questions to ponder. I am so thankful that she is my coach in uncovering my strengths.  Thank you.”

– J. M.


Experience and knowledge can be gained over time by those with the desire, but integrity is who we are. This is what made me want to attend the strength conversations with someone like Mais.

She pays attention to detail, she has a high level of initiative, and above all … integrity. A true lady, with her own style, a different tone of communication, trustworthy with deep conversations, non-judgmental with suggestions, she positively welcomes any complexity. Above all, are her abilities to make you listen and speak out freely. She handles well, the emotions and knows how to trigger them when required, spreading the logical vibes in our session, with the right words to be said in every single situation. A person with great heart and a strong will.. she is influential and smart, knows what she wants and she knows how to apply them in real life. She deals with people with an open-heart approach and an elegant touch and I love that about her!

It was a challenge to get that involved with Mais on strength coaching conversations as she is a friend! She has tried to invite me to others but I insisted that I will take this challenge with her as I have never thought of having such conversations with a coach.

At the beginning, I thought that I would feel an obligation to discuss my personal traits and abilities but I never felt this way with her. I felt myself and this was great! My experience so far is going smoothly and positively… I always look forward to our sessions, I am always curious to see how she would react! She has a great, positive influence on certain areas that I consider a lot, as I sometimes struggle in dealing with certain situations especially when I get emotionally and mentally drained. I decide to walk away as I feel confused and resist accepting the disappointment in these situations! With her support, I am able to, and gradually get back on track.

I never knew that from our strengths, we are able to figure out our weaknesses and gradually accept the fear to being hurt. Mais has earned a great reputation, with high moral principles and professional standards and I wish her all the best!

– N. A.

When I started the coaching sessions with Coach Mais I was so depressed, but she helped me get through that stage of my life. She walked by my side, helping me discover my inner self and see things and connections that I didn’t know I already had and to use those connections to serve myself and others. In the course of our sessions, there were times when things got very difficult for me to handle or to explore but with Coach Mais by my side as my coach, I was able to see a different perspective and understand the lessons I could get out of it. She had asked me some very profound and challenging questions that I could only answer if I was well connected with myself. Every time we were facing a very difficult situation, she became more energized by it and her enthusiasm and energy is very contagious and that drove me towards my goals. Coach Mais’s zeal and passion for coaching is just immeasurable. I had an amazing journey and an awesome coaching experience with Coach Mais.

Coach Mais still “You Are My Key, That Helps Me to Open Doors Easily”. For me, you are the best coach this world could ever have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the never ending wisdom you are sharing with me.

– C. C.